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June 2024 Dev Update

Welcome to the June 2024 Coral Island development update!

Brought to you by Millie-meters <3

This month, you'll get a brief look at Multiplayer and the remaining details of what's to come in the 1.1 update! PLEASE NOTE: there are mid to late-game spoilers ahead.

The Coral Island "Story Finale: Land & Sea" 1.1 update is in progress, and we will release it as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates! Join our Discord for more information!

Some Of The New Merfolk Townies!

[Galoong, Etna, Todi and Lanin]

Hey there, beautiful, talented, brilliant farmers! Buckle up because the 1.1 update is bursting with amazing new features and the most adorable NPCs ever. And guess what? There are even more new merfolk waiting to be discovered. Meet some of the New Merfolk:

Galoong: This guy is the sculptor of the deep! With an incredible talent for turning sand into masterpieces, he spends his days lost in creativity and deep conversation with his BFF, Lanin. His longtime partner Vihren also sculpts, but it’s Galoong who runs the shop. His art is all about celebrating the sea and protecting its beauty. Aah!!! What a hero!

Etna: Deemed the most beautiful sea creature in the entire universe by her adoring husband, Tahat (so sweet!!!). She spends her day tending to her garden, and that charming, sweet smile? She’s passed it on to her daughter, Denali. Talk about a winning genetic lottery!

Todi: The friendly general shop owner with a knack for finding great deals on rare items. He’s always got the latest in stock, from fresh petalia seeds to unique sea spices. Todi runs the shop with his amazing wife, Lawu, who’s a wizard in the kitchen. When he's not minding the store, Todi loves exploring the coral forests and dreaming about life above the waves. He even has a land-dwellers watch—sure, it may not work, but hey, it looks awesome!

Lanin: The chatty and vibrant clothing vendor of the sea! She's always ready to brighten your day with her dazzling smile and perfectly curated outfits. Lanin’s shop is close to Galoong's decor store, making them best friends in both business and life. She's full of curiosity about life on land, often marveling at human habits and inventions. Whether you're looking for the latest fashion or just a friendly conversation, Lanin’s the mermaid to visit!

Dino Suits For Ranch Animals

This is BIG, folks! In the 1.1 update, you can transform your ranch animals into dinosaurs. The dino costumes automatically adjust the size based on the animal you dress up, ensuring a perfect fit every time! Unlock the dino suit by completing the dino hologram in the museum. Each completed hologram unlocks a specific dino costume for your animals. How cool is that?

[Oh my gosh! Two-legged dino suits for your two-legged ranch animals like ostriches. Can you say adorable?!]

[Four-legged dino suits for your four-legged ranch animals like cows. Moo-ve over, ordinary cows! ;) ]

[Look at those tiny Triceratops! They’re so cuteee! My tiny dino-pal.]

Gacha Prizes!

Introducing the Gacha feature! There are two Gacha machines to explore: one at the recycling center and another in Savannah. Keep cleaning up trash to earn rewards and fuel these exciting machines.

[Daily Rewards: Open daily to see what fabulous loot awaits you. It's like a gift every day!]

[Unique Inputs: Different Gacha machines require different materials to operate. Turning trash into treasure is what we do best, you clever recycler!]

[One man's trash is another man's treasure. Let’s keep the island sparkling clean, eco-warrior!]

[Cool things await you, farmer!]

Shed Skin & New Interiors

One of the exclusive rewards from the recycling center is the Shed Skin! It's too much work for one person, so I’d recommend asking Dinda the carpenter (Archie's Mom) to help apply the Shed Skin for a fresh new look. I chatted with Dinda, and she’s more than happy to help you out for free. You’re welcome!

[Acquired in the Recycling Center Gacha!]

[Acquired in the Savannah Gacha!]

Straight from the Savannah, feast your eyes on the cutest mushroom decor ever! The bookshelf, in particular, is simply too cute for words! You’ll want to decorate every inch of your home with these delightful pieces. It’s like having a little piece of magic right in your living room!

Savannah Race

The Savannah isn’t just about introducing new animals for Coral Island farmers to care for. Oh no, it also presents a thrilling opportunity to challenge the Lady of the area herself. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fastest of them all? Time to find out and show everyone what you’ve got!

[Prepare to compete against Lady Lavanna in her own game and discover the rewards that await the victor.]


Other Updates

Island Guardian Outfits

The 1.1 update is bringing you fabulous new exclusive outfits. Unlock the island guardian ensembles (5 in total!), including the stunning Lady Lavanna's outfit, as shown below. Simply divine! You’ll be the talk of the town, my stylish, fabulous friend!

[Unlock Lady Lavanna's outfit after completing her offering.]


Remember that mysterious locked door next to your house? Well, it’s now open. How cool is that?!

[Aging barrels age faster inside the cellar! Fix up the bottom half to gain even more access. More space, more efficiency, my little organization wizard!]

Wellness Fruit

Discover the amazing wellness fruit, which permanently increases your HP. But where is it located? Ah, that’s a delightful mystery waiting to be solved.

[Meet the pink<3 stamina fruit’s sibling. Permanently increases your HP on consumption.]

Lumina Sprinkler

Get ready to sparkle up your underwater garden with the new Lumina Sprinkler! It’s sparkly and oh-so-pretty.

[Applies light to your underwater crops. The underwater version of the sprinkler. Shine on!]

Multiplayer Brief Look

Now, let’s talk about another major update for the future—multiplayer! While diligently working on the 1.1 update, we’ve also been crafting and refining the multiplayer experience. Trolling and developing aside, here are some delightful GIFs for your enjoyment. Get ready to game with friends and have the time of your life! :)

Playing In Multiplayer

[Host a new MP game or join an existing one using the new co-op menu button.]

[Adjust various multiplayer specific settings game settings.]

[Keep tabs on Multiplayer Members at any time!]

Entering The Game

[In the "shared" housing layout, each player has a different room in the main house.]

[Talk, plan, and strategize via in-game chat!]

[Keep tabs on where everyone is located via the map UI.]

Prepare For Chaos

[Much trolling has occurred during MP development.]

[Does your relationship withstand the explosion test?]

What's Next

In August, we’ll do a deep dive into Multiplayer and share news about a closed invite-only Alpha test for Multiplayer. Start gathering your friends because adventure awaits! Coral Island Discord: take me there!

Until next time, may your 1.1 adventures be as boundless as the ocean itself.

Thanks for reading,

Stairway Team

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Sarah Seifert
Sarah Seifert
3 hours ago

Will the game be okay since Humble Games was suddenly shut down?


Mitsu Blinger
Mitsu Blinger
15 hours ago



Andrea Pecorino
Andrea Pecorino
a day ago

Sorry for the question but will the game ever be released in Italian?


Brittany Sikora
Brittany Sikora
4 days ago

Can you please just add something so the trash in the ocean only re-spawns in the ocean caves, or have a switch option if we want trash on or off, as its very annoying for us who work hard to clear all trash in the ocean... just for you to re-spawn it again , your wasting our time that way ... sorry to say


Daniel Roldan
Daniel Roldan
5 days ago

Cross play?

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